Feeling trapped

No one knew.  She was too ashamed to reveal what went on behind closed doors.  After all, wasn’t he a seminary student? Didn’t he know, and even teach a Bible class at their church? What was she to do? He refused to admit he was ever wrong. The use of the Bible to keep her obeying him was making her wonder what kind of God He is.  Does He really approve of this way of treating a wife and his children?

I lived this nightmare for decades. It only got worse over time.  The evangelical Christian church has got to stop being like the ostrich with its head buried in the sand. It needs to be willing to deal honestly with issues of spiritual abuse within the homes of church leaders.  This unrepentant behavior on the part of abusive spiritual leaders has the potential to destroy the church from within. If leaders are not authentic in their own homes, they have no business leading a congregation.

The purpose of this site is to have a place to be honest and dialog about this grievous issue.  I have tried to simply heal, go to therapy, and put this pain behind me.  But I cannot leave it at that because I believe there are too many wives out there who are experiencing what I did.  And I want to encourage and help them if I can.